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Pedigree Cattle



Judge:Mr K Harryman, Newlands, Kewick, Cumbria
The following sponsor has kindly contributed to the prize money for these classes:
Harrison & Hetherington Ltd., Borderway Mart, Carlisle
Class 67 - 69 Baby Beef Steer, any breed up to 425 kgs, born on or after 01.01.16
1st 250 JA Nicholls Staffs Master Monty Limx UK106272201075. M. b. 5.05.16. Bred by TF & C Robinson. S. Lodge Hamlet. NFS
2nd 1258* P & S Sellers Lincs On The Fringe Limx UK313092100118. M. b.15.02.16. Bred by A Bishop. NFS
3rd 1247* TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs No 6 Limx UK143346760272. M. b. 16.03.16. Bred by exhibitor. s, Ironstone Hornblower
4th 1255* G & JA Sedgewick Co Durham Gunslinger Limx Uk104912600865. M. b. 15.04.16. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
5th 1257* P & S Sellers Lincs Black Diamond Limx UK313092700117. M. b. 11.02.16. Bred by A Bishop. NFS
Class 68
1st 237 JL & DA Davies Warks Moto Limx UK203020601053. M. b.23.02.16. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
2nd 254 BG Price Hereford Oak Limx UK720352600515. M. b. 28.01.16. Bred by exhibitor.
3rd 242 R Kingston Somerset Big mac Lim UK542455102059. M. b. 5.01.16. Bred by J Robertson.
4th 263 J Williams Gwynedd Y Dewin Du Limx UK744564101180. M. b. 7.03.16. Bred by Berwyn Hughes. NFS
5th 240 H Hodgkinson & Son Derbys Mikey Lad Limx UK107145702021. M. b.24.01.16. Bred by WER Sparke & Son.
6th 1235* Barker & Johnston Cumb Tricky Dicky Limx UK122382600259. M. b.12.01.16. Bred by RJ Tiplady. NFS
Class 70 - 72 Baby Beef Heifer, any breed, up to 400 kgs, born on or after 01.01.16
1st 1286* Wilkinson, Lawson & Marwood N Yorks Tallulah Limx UK122356701279. F. b. 23.04.16. Bred by BR Lawson & Son.
2nd 266 Bowen & Bowen Powys Mercedes limx UK700735501929. F. b. 24.03.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Liscon Bigshaw.
3rd 1282* P & S Sellers Lincs Shooting Star Limx UK744564701179. F. b. 5.03.16. Bred by B Hughes. NFS
4th 1264* Barker & Johnston Cumb Foxy Roxy Limx UK115823200108 F. b. 10.03.16. Bred by WA & GR Sedgley. NFS
5th 268 L Davies Carms Sparkle Limx UK740844501955. F. b. 15.04.16. Bred by Mr D Davies. NFS
6th 1280* RDA Cattle services N Yorks Izzy BBX UK123273600844. F. b.30.03.16. Bred by J Raw. NFS
Class 71
1st 1283* NE Slack Cumb Rio Limx UK103903100109. F. b. 27.01.16. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
2nd 284 TJ Commercials Derbys Reddevil Mercedes Lim UK171133400074. F. b. 17.05.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Wilodge vantastic. D. Ladbroke Elesance. NFS.
3rd 274 M & J Madders & SW Johnson Staffs Black Beauty Limx UK167088700155. b. 1.03.16. Bred by exhibiotor. S. Chytodden Cnan.
4th 1267* C Chappelhow Cumb Jessie Limx UK103794701808. F. b. 18.02.16. Bred by N Chappelhow. NFS
5th 1279* Parkin Butchers Lincs Darcy BAx UK148530700035. F. b.31.01.16. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
6th 1287* Wilkinson, Lawson & Marwood N Yorks Ice Magic BBx UK122356601250. F. b.2.01.16. Bred by BR Lawson & Son.