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Pedigree Cattle



Judge: Mrs W Pickard, Gaddesby, Leicester
Class 1             Steer
1st 2 M & HD Currie Dumfries Black Card AA UK581600300166. M. b. 14.05.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Eastern Liley Mozo. D. Kingholm Bertina.
2nd 1 M & HD Currie Dumfries Black Magic AA UK581600300152. M. b. 16.01.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Eastern Liley Mozo. D. Kingholm Didoneit.
Class 2             Heifer
Please refer to Special Prize 30
1st 4 R Moore Norfolk Fenland Polly Prize AA UK230790700006. F. b. 20.05.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Fenland My Prize. d. Tree Bridge Polly Prize. NFS
2nd 3 Coates & Hart Monmouth Elmview Roiselee AA UK723373601216. F. b. 17.01.16. Bred by TG & EM Hart & Son. S UK269038700013. d. UK326693500521. NFS
Class 3 /4         Steer or Heifer
Please refer to Special Prize 53
1st 6 TD & WT Livesey Leics Normanton 1 Pacific HE UK206099600568. M. b. 23.09.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Dorepole 1 Kinighthood. D. Normanton 1 Jewseak 9th.
2nd 7 TD & WT Livesey Leics Normanton 1 Enoki HE UK206099200557. F. b. 1.09.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Normanton 1 Laertes. D. Normanton 1 Enoki 1st.
3rd 8 Newtoncroft Farms Leics Newtoncroft 1 Oke Doke HE UK200308600312. M. b. 7.09.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Solpoll 1 Hollywood. D. N/C 1 Mary 101. NFS
4th 5 Coates & Hart Monmouth Ted HE UK200308300316. M. b. 27.09.16. Bred by Newton Croft Farms. s. UK933001325584. d. UK200308400219. NFS.
Class 6             Steer or Heifer
Please refer to Special Prize 58
1st 13 DJ Saxby Derby Wellhead Quince LH UK100596500387. M. b. 2.04.16. Bred by Mrs NA Luckett. s. Raincliffe Harry. d. Wellhead Nectarine
2nd 14 DJ Saxby Derby Littin Quip LH UK163188400291. M. b. 15.04.16. Bred by Master H Saxby. s. Fishwick Lord of the Rings. d. Fishwick Lana
3rd 10 TH Mills Derbys Wheatlands LH UK172669400073. M. b. 2.10.15. Bred by exhibitor. s. Mulland Kasabian. d. Wheatlands Mya.
4th 12 TH Mills Derbys Wheatlands LH UK172669300079. M. b. 9.03.165. Bred by exhibitor. s. Fishwick kinsman. d. Blackbrook Xia.
5th 15 W Smith Staffs Settrington Vanilla. LH. UK123944500344. F. b. 22.04.16. Bred by SG Harrison. S. Settrington Quest. D. Settrington Mint.
6th 9 EM Hallifield Derbys Dunstall Q10 LH UK172756100132. M. b. 21.02.16. Bred by exhibitor.
LIMOUSIN (Prize money kindly sponsored by the British Limousin Cattle Society)
Class 19           Steer
1st 17 I J Phillips Carm Cowin Miky LIM UK740180600593. M. b. 18.07.16. Bred by D James. s. LIM. d. LIM
2nd 16 GR Fountaine Bucks Calverton Magician LIM UK281111300530. M. b.18.01.16. Bred by J Fountaine. S. Calverton Ifor. d. Dinmore Icandy.
3rd 18 BE Williams Powys Monty LIM UK714637600040. M. b. 14.04.16. Bred by G Lewis. s. Lodge Hamlet. d. Sarkley Ifila. NFS
Class 20           Heifer (Please refer to Special Prizes 33, 34 and 59)
1st 24 P & S Sellers Lincs Dolderwen Mercedes LIM UK720034300548. F. b. 15.04.16. Bred by G Jones. S. Lodge Hamlet. D. Dolderwen Indulgence. NFS
2nd 22 TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Highbirks Mabel LIM UK133423300043. F. b. 24.01.16. Bred by P Summers. s. Chytodden Conan. d. Highbirks Juicycature.
3rd 19 PR Dawes Hereford Dinmore Moselle Lim UK311535401116. F. b. 24.01.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Dinmore Hiflier. D. Dinmore Giselle.
20 GR Fountaine Bucks Calverton Mystery LIM UK281111300558. F. b. 4.04.16. Bred by J Fountaine. s. Withersdale Isaac. d. Withersdale Cherry. NFS.
5th 23 I J Phillips Carm Buarth Magic LIM UK741912500388. F. b. 27.09.16. Bred by IG Jones. S. LIM. d. LIM. NFS
6th 21 P Jones & Son Powys Oakpark Minimoo LIM UK701241600268. F. b. 15.08.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Emslies Galileo. D. Oakpark Hattie. NFS
Class 22           Heifer (Please refer to Special Prizes 36)
1st 32 S Parr Northants Crowell Lottie BRB UK203629501395. F. b. 17.05.16. Bred by Adam Neachell. s. Almoly Handyman. NFS.
2nd 30 S Kirk & D Byard Derbys White Stone Lottie BRB UK744176100089. F. b. 29.01.16. Bred by Mr GA Davies. s. Ballygrange Alex. d. Whitestone Gabriel. NFS
3rd 31 S & N Lloyd Hereford Black n Blue Lady Lloyd BB UK301284200107. F. b. 16.05.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Jiosco De Focant. d. Black n Blue Empress. NFS
4th 26 W Hardy & Sons Norfolk Sia BRB IE161427580513. F. b. 1.04.16. Bred by Loughill Pedigrees. s. Ringfort Cormac. d. BRB
5th 28 Mr & Mrs N Jenkinson Devon Dymond Blue Lsie BRB UK362380400676. F. b. 5.01.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Gronmit Hotter Zilverbern. D. Greenfield Damson NFS
6th 29 S Kirk & D Byard Derbys Blackberry Kendall BRB UK163920600658. F. b. 28.09.15. Bred by S Hirk. s. Norbreck Black Beauty. d. Blackn Blue Fcuk one. NFS


Class 26           Steer
Please refer to Special Prizes 26 & 63
1st 33 Mr & Mrs M Alford Devon Foxhillfarm Superhero GAL UK102520701787. M. b.18.06.16. Bred by Kilnstown Farm. s. Coldplay of Fingland. d. Marina 64th of Kilnstown. NFS.
2nd 35 DH Jones Cered Gwarcwm Sion 43 WB UK749270700259. M. b. 23.05.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Gwarcwn Sion 32. d, Gwarcwm Eimliw 20.
3rd 34 Bailey & Barker N Yorks Lugus Eleven GA UK102520201740. M. b. 1.04.16. Bred by Kingston Farms LTD. NFS
Class 26a         Heifer
Please refer to Special Prizes 26 & 63
1st 39 D Plested Oxon Crystal Hazel LR UK170216500180. F. b. 15.03.16. Bred by P Allen. s. Crystal Natterjack. NFS
2nd 37 M Kirby Devon Fowley Heather GAL UK366536700584 F. b. 4.05.16. Bred by J Herd. S. Ben Lomond Glengoyne.d. Eva Zenrum of Romesbeoch. NFS
3rd 41 Pusey Farming Ltd Oxon Pusey Farms Showgirl 1st DEV UK291777500031. F. b. 10.04.16. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
4th 40 Pusey Farming Ltd Oxon Pusey Farms Lillybet 2nd DEV UK291777500024. F. b. 24.03.16. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
5th 38 Newtoncroft Farms Leics North View Eve SD UK207813100071. F. b. 30.07.16. Bred by Mr O Brewin. S. East Farm Eclipse 1. D. Welland Valley Doris. NFS