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Non Pedigree Cattle Section 3



Judge: Mrs W Pickard, Gaddesby, Leicester
Class 53 Crossbred Heifer, sired by a British Blue
Please refer to Special Prize 43
1st 100 S J Layton Hereford Black Widow BRBx UK313092500150. F. b. 21.12.16. Bred by Mr A Bishop. s. Bringlee Fyfe ET. NFS
2nd 106 E Wynne Derbys Harriet BRBx UK125020501257. F. b. 23.03.16. Bred by Mrs Mason. NFS
3rd 101 TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Minstrel BRBx UK143346600292. F. b. 18.09.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. BRB. d. LIMx.
4th 94 T & K Bodily Monm Serena BRBx UK720297102647. F. b. 11.07.16. Bred by TE Jones & Co. s. Dragon Blues Factor. D. LIM. NFS.
5th 97 C Carpenter Worcs Sugar Rush BRB UK365365403538. F. b. 24.02.16. Bred by R Bellamy. s. Astrix Elite. d. BRBxLIM. NFS
Class 54
1st 95 L Calcraft Devon Saucy Clover BRBx UK363305201173. F. b. 4.01.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Drift Domino. d. LIMx. NFS
2nd 92 Mr & Mrs M Alford Devon Foxhill Lady Gaga BRBx. UK702194400282. F. b. 16.05.16. Bred by T jones. s. British Blue. d. LIMx. NFS
3rd 104 P & S Sellers Lincs Valentine BRBx UK105893201276. F. b. 22.05.16. Bred by J White. s. BRB. d. LIM. NFS
4th 102 J May Worcs Mystique BRBx Uk122442500658. F. b. 27.06.16. s. BRB. d. LIMx. NFS
5th 103 S O’Kane & H Morgan N Yorks Fflur BRBx UK700806200255. F. b. 31.08.16. Bred by DE Morgan & co. s. Hawthorne Fabio. d. LIMx. NFS
6th 99 S Jones Carm Cilla BRBx UK313092700131. F. b. 26.05.16. Bred by Mr A Bishop.
The following Class is kindly sponsored by IAE
Class 56           Crossbred Heifer, sired by a Limousin
1st 131 I J Phillips Carm Mima LIM UK727705500233. F. b. 27.06.16. Bred by JM & MJ Price. s. LIM. d. LIM
2nd 130 S O’Kane & H Morgan N Yorks Pointhouse Midnight LIM UK94909048244. F. b. 25.11.16. Bred M Diamond. s. Plumtree Fantastic d. pointhouse Fern. NFS
3rd 135 P & S Sellers Lincs My Gracie LIMx UK720297402650. F. b. 14.07.16. bred by TE Jones. S. LIM. d. LIMx. NFS
4th 198 A Dickinson & L Powdrill Derbys Heatwave LIMx UK580221703509. F. b. 5.01.17. Bred by Messrs Laird. s. LIM. d. BRBx
5th 120 GR Fountaine Bucks Red Lady LIMx UK281111400587. F. b. 23.10.16. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
6th 114 A Dickinson & L Powdrill Derbys Skyhigh LIMx UK700735501964. F. b. 26.04.16. Bred by Bowen & Bowen. s. LIM.d. LIM
Class 57
1st 116 Edwards Bros & JM Rowlands Denb Queen B LIM UK700735201968. F. b. 28.04.16. Bred by Bowen & Bowen. s. Liscom Bigshow.
2nd 126 M Morris Leics Fiona LIMx UK720074601324. F. b. 26.07.16. s. Lodge Hamlet.
3rd 74 Harryman & Warriner N Yorks Miss Unique. LIMx UK123037500028. F. 18.10.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Linarn Unique. d. BRBx. NFS.
4th 108 L Calcraft Devon Lady Million LIMx UK7419087000718. F. b. 12.06.16. Bred by DG & E Lewis.
5th 129 R H Naylor Derbys Mandy LIMx UK701174600925. F. b. 7.05.16
6th 110 C Cropper & J Mellin N Yorks Almost Illegal LIMx UK105788100372. F. b. 4.01.16. Bred by JH Enerson. s. Lim. D. LIMx
Class 58
1st 132 JM & SM Rowlands Powys Checky Girl LIMx UK720694300727. F. b. 20.01.16. Bred by D Bruit. S. LIM. D. LIMx. NFS.
2nd 113 Mike Dickens & Family Bucks Sally Anna LIMx UK106000103911. F. b. 8.02.16. Bred by JW Dent & Sons. NFS
3rd 112 JL & DA Davies Warks Ruby Ruby LIMx UK203020701103. F. b. 12.07.16. Bred by exhibitor.
4th 127 M Morris Leics Vardy LIMx UK105893701232. F. b. 10.01.16.
5th 128 R H Naylor Derbys Honey-Bun LIMx UK752252300024. F. b. 27.02.16.
6th 117 Edwards Bros & JM Rowlands Denb That’s My Girl LIMx UK741918300503. F. b. 11.06.16. Bred by Messrs JM & AM Lewis. s. Powerhouse Elite.
Judge: Mr D Thomas, Llanwnnen, Lampeter


Class 59 - 61   Crossbred Steer, sired by a British Blue
Please refer to Special Prize 42

1st 147 S & N Lloyd Hereford Dark Shot BRBx UK720297202669. M. b. 8.08.16. Bred by Baicea TE Jones. s. BB. d. Lim. NFS
2nd 144 T & K Bodily Monm Vin Diesel BRBx UK314080100057. M. b. 18.08.16. Bred by P Walker. S. Tweedale Ebony. D. LIMx. NFS
3rd 148 TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Arch Bishop BRBx UK313092400156. M. b. 6.01.17. Bred by A Bishop. s. BRB. d. LIMX
4th 145 PR Dawes Hereford BRBx UK311535101162. M. b. 20.05.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Dinmore Hugo Boss. D. LIMx
5th 146 W Hardy & Sons Norfolk Rag n Bone Man BRBx UK720694600751. M. b. 26.05.16. Bred by D Brute. s. BRB. d. LIMx.
6th 149 E Wynne Derbys Buster BRBx UK182640300904. M. b. 25.03.16. Bred by JC Walker. NFS.

The following classes are kindly sponsored by J & F Powner Ltd
Class 62 – 67   Crossbred Steer, sired by a Limousin
1st 170 P & S Sellers Lincs Cheeky Chappie LIMx UK103424601004. M. b. 6.07.16. Bred by PL Dawson. s. LIM. d. LIMx. NFS
2nd 163 TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Gold Rush LIMx UK143346500284. M. b. 30.05.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Ironstone Hornblower. d. LIMx.
3rd 66 Harryman & Warriner N Yorks Mr Impossible LIMx UK123037200025. M. b. 10.10.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Snoopy. d. LIMx.
4th 153 Edwards Bros Denb Pick-Me LIM UK706374400921. M. b. 21.07.16. Bred by Messrs Hughes & Co. s. Fairywater Haig.
5th 155 H H Evans Denb Jacob LIMx UK744564101243. M. b. 14.09.16. Bred by Hughes. S. LIMx. D. LIMx. NFS
6th 162 S J Layton Hereford Clever Trevor LIMx UK742307200951. M. b. 10.01.17. Bred by EB & S Jones and Son. s. LIM. NFS
Class 63
1st 154 Edwards Bros Denb Paco- Robanne LIM UK143346400269. M. b. 26.02.16. Bred by TA & LC Lyon. s. Ironstone Hornblower.
2nd 156 GR Fountaine Bucks Red Jack LIMx UK281111100549. M. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
3rd 152 TE & FM Edwards Denbg Buster LIM UK706374700924. M. b. 23.07.16. Bred by M/s Hughes & Co. s. Dinmore Goldcrest. d. LIM. NFS
4th 157 W Hardy & Sons Norfolk Clean Bandit LIMx UK105393301256. M. b. 11.05.16. Bred by GC & KJ White. s. LIM. d. BRBx
5th 161 S Kirk & D Byard Derbys Teddy LIMx UK163920500706. M. b. 7.11.16. Bred by S Kirk. s. Chytodden Conan. d. Boothlow Izzy. NFS.
6th 173 R Whitfield Merseyside Black Diamed LIMx UK701174300922. M. b. 1.05.16. Bred by GA Williams.
Class 64
1st 158 Harryman & Warriner N Yorks Jimmy LIMx UK101534100495. M. b. 8.05.16. Bred by W Richardson s. Keskadale Fame. d. LIMx.
2nd 151 L Calcraft Devon Highland Lad LIMx UK527163600460. M. b. 12.02.16. Bred by Balfour Bailie.
3rd 159 GD Jenkins Cered T3 LIMx UK720694100739. M. b. 28.03.16. Bred by DA Brute. s. LIM. d. BRBx.
4th 165 JA Nicholls Staffs Master Monty LIMx UK106272201075. M. b. 5.05.16. Bred by TF & C Robinson. S. Lodge Hamlet. D. LIMx
5th 171 MG Tomlinson Derbys Joop LIMx UK743970300932. M. b. 26.05.16. Bred by m/s GD & JB Jenkins.
6th 174 R Whitfield Merseyside Brutus LIMx UK742311700453. M. b. 15.07.16. Bred by TMS Evans & Son.

Class 65
1st 168 I J Phillips Carms Vegan LIM UK743347300281. M. b. 3.04.16. Bred by W Floyd & Partners. s. LIM. d. LIM
2nd 169 BG Price Lincs Oak LIMx UK720352600515. M. b. 28.01.16. Bred exhibitor. s. LIM. d. BRB
3rd 160 R Kingston Somerset Big Mac LIMx UK542455102059. M. b. 5.01.16. Bred by J Robertson. s. LIM. d. BRBx
4th 164 R H Naylor Derbys Marmalade LIMx UK729922500026. M. b. 14.04.16.
5th 167 F Page Northants George North LIMx UK201794501827. M. b. 30.04.16. Bred by exhibitor. s. Pembridge Delboy. d. BRBx
6th 172 J & S Wareham E Sussex Proper Job LIMx UK100336500875. M. b. 9.04.16. Messrs Hardisty. S. LIM. d. LIMx. NFS