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Non Pedigree Cattle Section 3



 Judge: Mr RG Bartle, Upper Dinmore, Hereford


Class 52 - 54 Crossbred Heifer, sired by a British Blue
Please refer to Special Prize 43
Class 52
1st 133 E & S Layton Hereford Black Pudding BBX UK720649500940. F. b. 1.04.15. NFS
2nd 138 NE Porter Gwent Betty Boo BBx UK706374600874. F. b. 10.07.15. Bred by Hughes & Co.
3rd 1144* NE Slack Cumb Sparkle. BBx UK103903400105. F. b. 1.07.15. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
4th 1143* P & S Sellers Lincs Sonic Lady BBx UK105893301214. F. b. 20.07.15. Bred by J White. NFS
5th 139 L Powdrill & A Dickinson Derby Eye Candy BBx UK112426300630. F. b. 7.05.15. Bred by J Smith Jackson
6th 148 Whitehouse Farm Partnership Somerset Madame Butterfly BBx UK720297102514. F. b. 22.06.15. Bred by TE Jones & Co. NFS
Class 53
1st 126 M Dickens & Family Bucks I’m Laughing BBX UK103065401117. F. b. 22.03.15. Bred by HR Hayton & Son. S. Blugrass Euro Star. NFS
2nd 129 TC Edwards & Sons Denb Black Beauty BBx UK101000700658. F. b. 10.04.15. Bred by Messrs Pears. S. Bringlee Connell
3rd 1131* TR Holmes Lincs Polly BBx UK140122400380. F. b. 26.03.15. Bred by exhibitor. s. Vaclav. NFS
4th 124 L Calcraft Devon Top Tottie BBx UK363305101137. F. b. 12.04.15. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
5th 1140* RDA Cattle services N Yorks Black Magic BBx UK706374300850. F. b. 16.05.15. Bred by M/s Hughes & Co. NFS.
6th 1121* C & L Beck Suffolk Bo Peep BBx UK313092600102. F. b. 17.03.15 Bred by AD Bishop. NFS
Class 54
1st 135 J May Worcs Kandee BBx UK502742301245. F. B.10.04.015. NFS
2nd 1134* TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Coco BBx UK143346200239. F. b.5.02.15. Bred by exhibitor. S. Son of Bringle Volkawagon. NFS
3rd 1149* Wilkinson, Lawson & Marwood N Yorks Americano BBx UK122356701188. F. b. 7.01.15. Bred by BR Lawson & Son. NFS
1125* C Cropper & J Mellin N Yorks Bonita Bootie BRBx UK3002500426. F. b. 5.04.15. Bred by JR Corlett.
1146* L Todd Lincs If Only BBx UK720074301195. F. b. 23.04.15. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
The following three classes kindly sponsored by the IAE,
Class 55 - 57 Crossbred Heifer, sired by a Limousin
Class 55
1st 1165* Harryman & Warriner N Yorks Kiss My …. Limx Uk502742601262. F. b. 5.09.15. Bred by J Munro & Son. S. Bailey Cavalier
2nd 156 TC Edwards & Sons Denb Miss Rolex Limx UK746741401239. F. b. 30.07.15. Bred by EA Davies. S. Dou Dou
3rd 1157* M Everatt E Yorks Copper Topper Limx UK106000503775. F. b. 6.06.15. Bred by JW Dent & Sons.
4th 1179* P & S Sellers Lincs Flawless Limx UK301158200702. F. b. 18.07.15. Bred by B Blandford. NFS
5th 1189* Wilkinson, Lawson & Marwood N Yorks Sherbert Orange UK103050601124. F. b. 16.07.15. Bred by A Harrison. NFS
6th 271 G & E Jones Anglesey Made in Chelsea Lim UK703866500141. F. b. 2.01.16. Bred by exhibitor.
Class 56
1st 1176* P & S Sellers Lincs French Connection Limx UK201794201649. F. b. 20.03.15. Bred by F Page. NFS
2nd 1174* RDA Cattle services N Yorks Liitle Mix Limx UK112426200657. F. b.29.06.15. Bred by J Smith Jackson. NFS
3rd 1171* TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Ava Limx UK112426700620. F. b. 16.04.15. Bred by JW Smith Jackson. S. UFO. NFS
4th 1159* D Hall N Yorks Jessie J Limx UK101636701153. F. b. 5.02.15. Bred by RJ & AY Armstrong. S. Honister Hawk. NFS
5th 1160* Hampshire Livestock York Roxy Lim UK720649400974. F. b. 18.05.15. Bred by GHP & NM Jones.
6th 1175* G & JA Sedgewick Co Durham Red Riot Limx UK103041201718. F. b. 24.02.15. Bred by W Richardson & Son. NFS
Class 57
1st 172 J May Worcs Tinkerbell Limx Uk103041201746. F. b. 11.05.15. NFS
2nd 185 MG Tomlinson Derby Ruby Lim UK720754200258. F. b. 29.03.15. Bred by Mr D Davies.
1166* TR Holmes Lincs Marmalade Limx UK106000303689. F. b. 4.05.15. Bred by JW Dent. NFS
4th 164 W Hardy & Son Notts Barcardi Limx UK182154400633. F. b.26.08.14. Bred by JT Baines.
1154* C Cropper & J Mellin N Yorks Skys The Limit Limx UK103069501189. F. b. 2.04.15. KA Brown & Sons.
Judge: Mr D Plested, Chinnor, Oxon


Class 58 - 60 Crossbred Steer, sired by a British Blue
Please refer to Special Prize 42
1st 1196* TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Thor BBx UK112426700662. M. b. 3.09.15. Bred by JW Smith Jackson
2nd 1198* Mudd & Bentley N Yorks Chunky Monkey BBx UK182640200875. M. b.17.04.15. Bred by JC Walker & Son.
3rd 1190* H Donaldson Yorks Black Sambuca BRB UK103219601140. M. b. 11.05.15. Bred by NR & CS Hodgson. NFS
4th 253 L Powdrill & A Dickinson Derby Dev BBx UK170331500046. M. b. 25.02.16. Bred by L Powdrill.
5th 260 W Smith Staffs Smokey Joe BBx UK163127100222. M. b. 19.01.16. Bred by Bakewell. NFS
Class 59
1st 191 GR Fountaine Bucks Blue Diamond BBx UK281111500504. M b. 9.04.15. Bred by exhibitor.
2nd 199 Mycock Agri Ltd Derbys Dark Knight BBx UK174916300079. M. b. 28.02.15. Bred by Mr Linsay Higton
3rd 200 L Powdrill & A Dickinson Derby Last Chance BBx UK701174600813. M. b. 10.04.15. Bred by TM Williams
4th 1193* S & NV Jowett & Family W Yorks Bid Si BBx UK115823200073. M. b. 14.04.15. Bred by WA & GR Sedgley. NFS
5th 192 W Hardy & Son Notts Black Grouse BBx UK103065701148. M. b. 24.06.15. Bred by HR Hayton
6th 1206* JL White & Son E Yorks Bugsy BBx. UK105893501195. M. b. 23.05.15. Bred by GC & KJ White.
Class 60
1st 1208* Wilkinson, Lawson & Marwood N Yorks Moofassa UK741918500477. M. b.30.07.15. Bred by D Lewis. NFS
2nd 207 Whitehouse Farm Partnership Somerset Slim BBx Uk720297702485. M. b. 28.03.15. Bred by TE Jones & Co. NFS
3rd 1205* L Todd Lincs Brexit BBx UK140947301994. M. b. 4.03.15. Bred by Glosbra Family. NFS
4th 1202* RDA Cattle services N Yorks Moove Lik Jagger BBx UK105893701204. M. b. 10.06.15. Bred by J White.
5th 197 J May   Odd Job. M. UK314080100043. B. 30.04.15
The following classes are kindly sponsored by J & F Powner Ltd
Class 61 – 66           Crossbred Steer, sired by a Limousin
1st 211 Brymore Academy & Clatworthy Family Somerset Mr Chuchles Limx UK700735701833. M. b. 7.05.15
2nd 234 BE Williams Powys Barcardi Boy Lim UK701289301950. M. b. 17.05.15. Bred by DJ Lloyd & Co. NFS
3rd 225 RH Naylor Derby Invisible Limx UK105893401201. M. b.26.05.15
4th 216 TC Edwards & Sons Denb Take a Chance Limx UK741724700371. M. b. 23.06.15. Bred by GA & HA Lewis.
5th 214 M Dickens & Family Bucks You & Me Limx UK106000103862. M. b. 25.9.15. Bred by JW Dent & Sons. S. Naby Andrew. NFS
6th 1223* Mudd & Bentley N Yorks Kitson’s Cracker Limx UK522749700607. M. b. 15.10.15. Bred by James A Morrison. NFS
Class 62
1st 1229* P & S Sellers Lincs The Gangster Limx UK101560601112. M. b. 20.0415. Bred by P Jarman. NFS
2nd 230 MG Tomlinson Derby Ted Lim UK720033300588. M. b. 25.06.15. Bred by TW Price & WM Morgan.
3rd 228 IJ Phillips Carms Downtown Funk Lim UK107023700657. M. b.9.07.15. Bred by Telper & Son
4th 219 W Hardy & Son Notts Famous Grouse Limx UK103051401383. M. b. 24.05.15. Bred by Levens Farm
5th 222 R Kingston Somerset Spookey Dookey Lim UK704083302540. M. b.1.05.15. Bred by JR Owen.
6th 1232* R Whitfield Lancs Black Jack Limx UK203020101034. M. b. 1.07.15. Bred by JL Davies.
Class 63
1st 1220* Harryman & Warriner N Yorks Diesel Limx UK744564701109. M. b. 11.04.15. Bred by B Hughes. S. Cwmlimo Ewbank.
2nd 226 JA Nicholls Staffs Dolphy Limx UK106272701010. M b.12.05.15. Bred by TF & C Robinson. S. Mereside Go Dolphin.
3rd 227 F Page Northants Scrum Half Limx UK201794501617. M. b. 20.11.14. Bred by exhibitor. s. Pembridge Delboy.
4th 231 J & S Wareham E Sussex Wurzel Limx UK103050701111. M. b. 7.06.15. Bred by AJ & FM Harrison. NFS
  1218* D Hall N Yorks John Boy Limx UK103041701730. M. b.1.05.15. Bred by W Richardson & Son. S. Mellbreak Hero. NFS
6th 1224* Mudd & Bentley N Yorks Billy Whizz Limx UK106370600687. M. b. 5.05.15. Bred by RD Archer & Son