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Non Pedigree Cattle Section 3



Judge: Mr J Ford, Kelso
Class 53
1st 106 RH Naylor Derbys Glamour Girl BRBx UK701174300978. F. b. 26.04.17.
2nd 105 Morgan & Jones Carm Ariana BRBx UK741918600534. F. b. 23.06.17. Bred by JM & AM Lewis.
3rd 112 A Stamp & P Clatworhy Somerset Black Magic BRBx UK720074501442. F. b. 21.08.17. Bred by JAV & PM Mills & Son. s. BRB. d. LIMx. NFS
4th 96 D Byard & S Kirk Derbys Marilyn BRBx UK163920500727. F. b. 28.04.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Norbeck Black Beauty. d. LIMx
5th 111 NE Slack Cumb Banboo BRBx UK103903200131. F. b. 12.07.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. BRB. d. BRBx. NFS

Class 54
1st 98 C & G Davies Leics Pepsi BRBx UK720297402734. F. b. 26.03.17. Bred by Jones. NFS
2nd 101 E & S Layton Hereford Black Widow BRBx UK313092500150. F. b. 21.12.16. Bred by Mr A Bishop. s. Bringlee Fyfe. NFS.
3rd 113 E Wynne Derbys Beauty BRBx UK125020501355. F. b. 10.07.17. Bred by M/s SM Mason. NFS
4th 99 Mike Dickins & Family Bucks Double Trouble BRBx UK103065301270. F. b. 21.04.17. Bred by HR Hayton & Son. NFS.
5th 104 J May Worcs Grace BRBx UK729922700070. F. b. 26.08.17. Bred by Argoed. s. Cheggers. NFS


Class 56
Crossbred Heifer, sired by a Limousin
1st 124 A Dickinson & L Powdrill Derbys Carly LIMx UK100609700177. F. b. 29.08.17
2nd 130 HH Evans Clwyd Little Tank LIMx UK744564601325. F. b. 24.06.17. Bred by Hughes. NFS
3rd 119 RB & DF Cox Somerset Little Miss Lucky LIMx UK701174301013. F. b. 1.08.17. Bred by G & A Williams. s. LIM. d. BRBx. NFS
4th 146 IJ Phillips Carm Dilly Dilly LIM UK749977100435. F. b. 20.08.17. Bred by Jones. s. LIM. d. LIM. NFS
5th 128 Edwards Bros Denb Golden Girl LIMx UK700735602126. F. b. 26.09.17. Bred by Bowen & Bowen. s. Penthryn Ivan
1st 143 Morgan & Jones Carm Scarlet LIMx UK744564201342. F. b. 21.08.17. Bred by TA Hughes
2nd 141 J May Worcs Betty LIMx UK729922500068. F. b. 5.09.17. Bred by Argoed. s. Galilao. NFS
3rd 136 M Kirby Devon Shady-Lady LIMx UK102520701906. F. b. 1.09.17. Bred by Kilnstown Farms. d. Glangwden Downtown. d. Gallowayx. NFS
4th 142 J May Worcs Hattie LIMx UK150416400013. F. b. 5.03.17. Bred by Garroby Estates. s. Hydro. NFS
5th 140 TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Nicola LIM UK702544701188. F. b. 30.05.17. Bred by KI & E Jones. s. Truman Idol. d. Garnedd Harriet.

Class 57

Class 58
1st 154 P & S Sellers Lincs Fancy That LIMx UK201794201936. F. b. 8.04.17. Bred by F Page. s. LIM. d. LIM. NFS
2nd 131 GR Fountaine & Son Bucks Gold Digger LIMx UK281111300600. F. b. 10.03.17. Bred by exhibitor.
3rd 151 EW Roberts Anglesey Bambi LIMx UK744564201307. F. b. 25.04.17. Bred by TA Hughes. s. LIM. d. LIMx NFS
4th 118 P & L Calcraft Devon Wild Card LIMx UK700735602063. F. b. 21.04.17. Bred by Bowen & Bowen. s. LIM. d. LIMx
5th 133 M, S Harryman & Warriner N Yorks Midnight Star LIMx UK123037300047. F. b. 25.04.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Craigatoke Jackpot.

Class 58a
1st 137 MD & KE Lanfear Somerset Queen of Hearts LIMx UK744564401295. F. b. 28.03.17. Bred by TA Hughes. s. Teifi Jacib. d. LIMx. NFS
2nd 126 A Dickinson & L Powdrill Derbys Skyhigh LIMx UK700735501964. F. b. 26.04.17. Bred by Bowen & Bowen.
3rd 132 GR Fountaine & Son Bucks Jazzy Girl LIMx UK281111100612. F. b. 21.03.17. Bred by exhibitor.
4th 120 C Cropper & J Mellin N Yorks Lady in Red LIMx UK103069601379. F. b. 15.04.17. Bred by KA Brown. s. LIM. d. LIMx

149 D Plested Oxon B/A LIMx UK281111600624. F. b. 11.04.17. Bred by G Fountaine. NFS

Class 58b
1st 145 F Page Northants Fitbit LIMx UK201794601933. F. b. 2.04.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Heathmount Frenchconection. d. LIMx.
2nd 127 Edwards Bros Denb I Candy LIMx UK107148701271. F. b. 26.04.17. Bred by R & MJ Lee. s. Widdrington Jackpot.
3rd 153 P & S Sellers Lincs The Dixa LIMx UK714637200085. F. b. 11.04.17. Bred by W Morgan. s. LIM. d. LIM. NFS
4th 152 JM & SM Rowlands Powys Black Beauty LIMx UK103903500120. F. b. 22.07.16. Bred by N Slack. s. LIM. d. LIMxBRB
5th 160 E & V Tompkins Bucks Laura LIMx UK562217501036. F. b. 26.08.16. Bred by J McCalister.
Judge: Mr R Rattray, Aberystwyth

Class 59 - 61   Crossbred Steer, sired by a British Blue
Class 59

1st 175 TJ Commercials Derbys Clyde BRBx UK701174501008. M. b. 18.07.17. Bred by G & A Williams
2nd 165 P & L Calcraft Devon Derulo BRBx UK741918100522. M. b. 26.05.17. Bred by JM & AM Lewis. s. Dragon Blue Firefly. d. LIMx.
3rd 173 BJ Price Hereford Mo BRBx UK720352300540. M. b. 29.03.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Ridgedean Comet. d. LIM
4th 172 IJ Phillips Carm Missed Opportunity BRB UK720700301208. M. b. 21.05.17. Bred by Jones. s. BRB. d. LIM.
5th 169 E & S Layton Hereford Dark Thunder BRBx UK313092400177. M. b. 3.05.17. Bred by Mr A Bishop. s. Bringlee Fyfe. NFS

Class 60
1st 176 R Whitfield Merseyside Mickeyblue Eyes BRBx UK744564301301. M. b. 29.03.17. Bred by TA Hughes
2nd 166 W Hardy & Son Notts Billy BRBx UK100336200914. M. b. 31.03.17. Bred by S Hardisty. s. Bluestar Ironmike. d. LIM
3rd 171 F Page Northants Mallinder BRBx UK201794401903. M. b. 17.03.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Droit Hector. d. LIMx
4th 170 S & N Lloyd Hereford Dark Shot BRB UK720297202669. M. b. 8.08.16. Bred by B Jones. S. BRB. d. LIM. NFS
5th 168 E & S Layton Hereford Brave Heart BRBx UK313092300155. M. b. 5.01.17. Bred by Mr A Bishop. s. Bringlee Fyfe.NFS
Class 62 – 67  Crossbred Steer, sired by a Limousin        
Class 62
1st 184 GR Fountaine & Son Bucks Red Grouse LIMx UK281111300635. M. b. 20.10.17. Bred by exhibitor.
2nd 181 Mike Dickins & Family Bucks Sir John LIMx UK105893501377. M. b. 21.05.17. Bred by GK & KJ White. NFS
3rd 196 D Thomas Lampeter Tommy LIM UK741908600780. M. b. 20.11.17. Bred by Lewis. s. LIM. d. LIM
4th 205 A Dickinson & L Powdrill Derbys Thunder Flash LIMx UK580221703740. M. b. 16.01.18. Bred by Messrs Laird.
5th 197 R Whitfield Merseyside Cracker Jack LIMx UK744564601367. M. b. 15.10.17. Bred by TA Hughes
Class 63
1st 192 Price & Rogers Hereford Freddie LIMx UK720352100552. M. b. 10.10.17. Bred by BG Price. s. LIM. d. LIM
2nd 190 Morgan & Jones Carm Paco Rabane LIMx UK701174701003. M. b. 29.06.17. Bred by G & A Williams
3rd 185 Fountaine & Plested Bucks Black/op LIMx UK289169200118. M. b. 19.7.17. Bred by D Pleasted.
4th 186 W Hardy & Son Notts Sugar Puff LIMx UK111842600067. M. b. 24.04.17. Bred by S & E Richardson. s. LIM. d. BRBx
5th 194 NE Slack Cumb Beefie LIMx UK103903400133. M. b. 14.07.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. LIM. d. LIMx

Class 64
1st 177 Mr & Mrs M Alford Devon No Likey LIMx UK720061400960. M. b. 3.06.17. Bred by Davies. s. LIM. d. LIMx
2nd 183 HH Evans Clwyd Golden Boy LIMx UK744564601290. M. b. 26.03.17. Bred by Hughes. NFS
3rd 178 B Beckitt Notts Black Jack LIMx UK125020201345. M. b. 31.05.17. Bred by JH & SM Mason. s. Lodge Hamlet. NFS
4th 195 W Smith Staffs Jerry LIM UK172101200454. M. b. 12.06.17. Bred by AW Mycock
5th 191 RH Naylor Derbys Guiness LIMx UK720583500395. M. b. 11.04.17.