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Pedigree Cattle



Judge: Mr J Ford, Kelso
Class 3/4 Steer or Heifer
1st 2 TD & WT Livesey Leics Normanton 1 Blue Leg 9th HE UK206099400601. F. b. 12.09.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Normanton 1 Laertes. d. Llancillo Hali Bertha. NFS
2nd 3 TD & WT Livesey Leics Normanton 1 Rene HE UK206099100605. M. b. 27.09.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Dorepole 1 Knighthood. d. Normanton 1 Jews Ear 5th.
3rd 1 N Beardsley & H Heath Derby Risbury 1 Sonia 2nd HE UK301312600804. F. b. 16.03.17. Bred by RG & MD Thomas. s. Windycreek 1 Lawyer. d. Humber 1 Sonia. NFS
Class 6 Steer or Heifer
1st 8 H Saxby Derbys Litton Ragtime LH UK163188200303. M. b. 28.01.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Raincliffe Harry. d. Weelhead Leola.
2nd 10 H Saxby Derbys Litton Rocky LH UK163188100309. M. b. 23.03.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Fishwick Orion. d. Fishwick Lana.
3rd 5 EM Hallifield Derbys Dunstall Rachael LH UK172756300141. F. b. 3.02.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Henisfield Fanfare. d. Dunstall Opium.
4th 7 TH Mills Derbys Wheatlands 02 LH UK172669600096. M. 9.02.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Mullard Kasabian. d. Mullard Jamelia.
Class 14 Heifer
1st 12 SI & LJ Evans Swansea Breos Nel CH UK726569101121. F. b. 16.07.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Breos Highlight. d. Trefonnen Helen.
2nd 13 D Plested Oxon Farleycopse Nanette CH UK263436301097. F. b. 18.10.17. Bred by GLB Fowlger. s. Gretnahouse Indian. d. Farleycopse Jasmine. NFS
Class 19 Steer
1st 18 S & R Stamp Somerset Nico LIM UK300224500181. M. b. 20.05.17. Bred by MG Yates. s. Lodge Hamlet. d. Whitwood Jlo. NFS
2nd 17 W Smith Staffs Jock Lim UK166421500171. M. b. 14.02.17. Bred by Mr E Sims
3rd 19 Mr & Mrs SJ Timms Warks Roseycombe Netwrok LIM UK202816300138. M. b. 20.09.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Malin Jacob. d. Scorloro Hebek.
Class 20 Heifer
1st 26 TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Nuttela LIM UK702544401178. F. b. 25.05.17. Bred by KI & E Jones. s. Truman Idol. d. Garnedd Garwen.
2nd 22 Mike Dickins & Family Bucks Park Hill Narnia LIM UK281171500722. F. b. 12.01.17. s. Ironstone Fullmonty. d. Bowtells Ivory. NFS
3rd 21 PR Dawes Hereford Dinmore Narnia. LIM UK311535501250. F. b. 29.04.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Requin. d. T Grazia. NFS
4th 30 J & S Wareham Sussex Anside Notty LIM UK522710100943. F. b. 22.04.17. Bred by Anside Pedigree Livestock. s. Lodge Hamlet. d. Ainside Hottotty. NFS
5th 27 M & S Potter Oxon Hannem Nifty LIM UK287600601457. F. b. 10.01.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Foxhillfarm Just Right. d. Hannem Jiggy. NFS
Class 22 Heifer
1st 35 HC Jewitt Co Durham Rhumil Madonna BRB UK722139601170. F. b. 22.05.17. Bred by R Millichap. s. Bringlee Blackstar. d. Rhymil Highness. NFS
2nd 36 MD & KE Lanfear Somerset Woodston May Queen BRB UK327244400481. F. b. 20.04.17. Bred by exhibitor. s. Woodston Invicta. d. Woodston Ice Queen. NFS.
3rd 34 HC Jewitt Co Durham Dinmore Moschino BRB UK311535601209. F. b. 2.01.17. Bred by P Dawes. s. Immense. d. Lukeroyal Beautiful. NFS