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Show Ponies
Result Back number Horse/Pony Owner Rider/Handler Exhibitor
Class 62 The BSPS Mixed Height Novice Show Pony
1 446 Litton Eloquence M R Cartlidge India Till M R Cartlidge
2 493 Colbeach Cadenza C Hignam Harrison Fewings Gavin Isherwood
Class 63 The BSPS Show Pony RIHS
1 & Ch 447 Basford Black Prince M R Cartlidge Poppy Carter M R Cartlidge
2 75 Caithness Bertie Bassett Danielle Goldrick Nieve Goldrick Danielle Goldrick
3 474 Wycroft Disciplin Ann Cooper Alexandra Mcdowall Julie Templeton
4 387 Wycroft Donatello Nick Brookes Zara Brookes Robert Walker
5 448 Rotherwood Fantasia Michelle Bettaney Emily Bettaney Michelle Bettaney
6 454 Stychlands Royal Hussar Laura Beard Megan Smith-bruce Megan Smith-bruce
Class 64 The BSPS Show Pony RIHS
1 493 Colbeach Cadenza C Hignam Harrison Fewings Gavin Isherwood
2 67 Strinesdale Genius Angela C Reeves Leila Reeves Angela C Reeves
Class 65 The BSPS Show Pony RIHS
1 & Res 58 Rotherwood Rainmaker Rupert Till India Till Henrietta Till
2 235 Wytchwood Honey Kitten Maria Brown Ruby Brown Maria Brown
3 478 Royalview Tiara Julia Davies Millie Danes Julie Templeton
Class 66 The BSPS Intermediate Show Riding Type - None Forward
Class 67 The BSPS Intermediate Show Riding Type - No Entries
Class 68 The BSPS First Ridden Pony RIHS
1 & Res 359 Glenard Bumble Bee Lyndsey Birtwell Brea Birtwell Lyndsey Birtwell
2 422 Rotherwood Significance Clare Redgate Amelia Redgate Clare Redgate
3 479 Brynoffa Jonquil Siobhan Spruce Millie Danes Julie Templeton
Class 69 The BSPS Leading Rein Pony RIHS
1 & Ch 533 Cosford Variety Michaela Hunt Lara Rae Jones Michaela Hunt
2 513 Sycamore Fairytale Charlotte Kay Ella Kay Charlotte Kay
3 511 Hopgarden Hoodwink Emma O'brien Emelia O'brien Emma Obrien
4 335 Barkway Daydream Victoria Radford Ava Riding Victoria Radford
5 320 Beetham Sweet Pea Katie Millea Betsy Millea Katie Millea