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Turkey & Geese
Judge: Mr N Brown, Ashbourne
Class T1 Turkey Stag, weighing up to 10kgs (22lb) 
1st 1 Beaman
2nd 3 Calcoll
3rd 10 Cartmail
Class T2 Turkey Stag, weighing over 10kgs (over 22lb)
1st 2 Butler
2nd 1 Beaman
3rd 3 Butler
Class T3 Turkey Hen, weighing up to 6.8kgs (15lb) 
1st 1 Beaman
2nd 2 Beaman
3rd 3 Beaman
Class T4 Turkey Hen, weighing over 6.8kgs (over 15lb) 
1st 9 Butler
2nd 3 Beaman
3rd 2 Beaman
Class G5 Goose or Gander any weight 
1st 2 T. Falder
2nd 1 T. Falder