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Sheep Section Schedule for 2017
To download the 2017 Sheep schedule, please click here.
To download the 2017 Sheep Shearing entry form, please click here.

CLASS                                                       JUDGE
Suffolk                                                Mrs A Meredith
Texels                                                 Miss M Kellet      
Charollais                                            Mr R Towers       
Shropshire                                           Mr R Dorrell       
Beltex                                                  Mr R Rattray      
Border Leicester                                  Mr D Walker     
Any Other Native Breed                      Mrs A Meredith   
Any Other Continental Breed              Miss M Kellet 
Any Other Rare and Minority Native   Mr G Hayes      
Non Primitive Breed                            
Any Other Rare and Minority Native   Mr M Hodgins       
Primitive Breed                                    
Hebridean                                             Mr M Hodgins
Jacob                                                    Mr H L Jones    
Ryeland                                                Mrs P Bateman   
Coloured Ryeland                                Mrs C Bateman
Southdown                                           Mr J R Williams  
Kerry Hill                                             Mr R King     
Butchers Lambs                                   Mr J Mycock   
Sheep Championship                           Mrs J D Broughton   
Junior Shepherd                                   Mrs J D Broughton   
Wool on The Hoof &                           Mr I Brooksbank     
Fleece Competition