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Horse & Pony Schedule 2018

Click here to download the 2018 Horse & Pony schedule.

Click the link for online entries  

2018 Horse Section Judges

Senior Horses and Ponies -  Mr K Baskeyfield, Derbyshire                  
Local Rider - Mr M Daley, Cheshire                                              
Training Stakes - Mrs C Scott, Staffordshire & Miss M Traves, Yorkshire     
Ridden Hunters
Sport Horse - Miss J Smith, Herefordshire
Amateur -       Miss J Smith, Herefordshire (Ride)
                       Mr A Webber,  Hertfordshire (Conf)
Weights -        Mr A Webber, Hertfordshire (Ride)
                       Mrs J Hart, Buckinghamshire (Conf)
Ladies -          Dr J Dales, Oxfordshire (Ride)
                       Mrs J Buckinghamshire (Conf) 

Working Hunters
Novice -                 Miss M traves, Yorkshire (Ride)
                              Miss J Smith, Herefordshire (Conf)
Restricted/Open -  Miss J Smith, Herefordshire (Ride)
                               Mr A Webber, Hertfordshire (Conf)

RoR Retired Racehorse -   Mr D Bennett, Lancashire (Ride)
                                           Mr K Baskeyfield, Derbyshire (Conf)                                
Hacks & Riding Horses -    Miss M Traves, Yorkshire (Ride)
                                           Mr N Swallow, Shropshire (Conf)                       
Cobs - Miss J Shaw, Cheshire (Ride)
            Mr N Swallow, Shropshire (Conf)                                                            
Working Show Horse - Miss J Shaw, Cheshire (Ride)
                                      Mrs J Hart, Buckinghamshire (Conf)                                     
Show Hunter Pony - Mrs E Murfitt, Leicestershire                                 
Working Hunter Pony - Mr J Greaves, Yorkshire & Mrs F Holton, Derbyshire       
Show Ponies Open - Mrs P Ash, Northamptonshire
Show Ponies - Mini, Intermediate & Novice - Mrs M Ludlow, Lincolnshire                              
Welsh Mountain Ponies (Section A) -  Mr G Hensby, Yorkshire (Laithehill)     
Welsh Ponies (Section B) - Mr G Hensby, Yorkshire (Laithenhill)                    
Welsh Ponies of Cob Type (Section C) - Mr M Port, Essex (Tregote)
Welsh Cobs (Section D) - Mr M Port, Essex (Tregote)                     
Shetland Ponies - Mrs J Elliott, Oxfordshire                                   
Mixed M&M In-Hand (PUK) -    Mrs C Scott, Staffordshire                           
Heritage Ridden M&M Mini –    Mr K Walker, Flintshire (Perf)
                                                  Mrs H Barton, Leicestershire (Conf)
Heritage Ridden M&M Open -  Mrs H Barton, Leicestershire (Perf)
                                                  Mr K Walker, Flintshire (Conf)                         
Young Riders/Amateur M&M -  Mrs J Etheridge, Suffolk (Perf)
                                                  Mr J Helme, Conwy (Conf)                  
M&M Working Hunter Pony -    Mrs M Ludlow, Lincolnshire (Jump)
                                                  Mrs S Bowling, Lancashire (Conf)                    
Skewbald and Piebald - Miss J Nuttall, Lancashire (Ride)
                                       Mr M Daley, Cheshire (Conformation)                       
Private Driving - Mrs C Moreau, Bedfordshir                                     
Concours d’Elegance - Mrs E Murfitt, Leicestershire                          
Trade & Agricultural Turnouts - Mr J Williamson, Cheshire              
In Hand Shires & Ridden Heavy Horse - Mr J Williamson, Cheshire                                        
Miniature Horses - Miss M Traves, Yorkshire