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County Competition Results 2016

Best Sample of Bagged & Wrapped Silage 2017

1st  JR & I MacKeller
2nd   CH Froggatt & Son
3rd   T Summerfield
4th   J F Deane
Best Clamp of Grass Silage 2017

1st    BC Weaver
2nd   Hartswood Farming
3rd    Smiths Farming Ltd
4th    Tomkinson Farms
Best Clamp of Maize Silage 2017
1st     Smith Farming Ltd
2nd    AR Cox & Son
3rd    Stubbs Partners
4th    BC Weaver

Winner of the DA Stubbs Perpetual Challenge Trophy - Smiths Farming Ltd

Winner of the Staffordshire Farmers Ltd Silver Salver - BC Weaver

1st -   M Greenfield
2nd -  R Hall
3rd -   D & C J Reffern

Winner of the Geoffrey Thompstone Trophy - M Greenfield

Grazing Ley:  
1st -   J R & I Mackeller
2nd -  Stubbs Partners Ltd
3rd -   N R Brandon

Short Term Cutting Ley : 
1st -   Stubbs Partners Ltd
2nd -  J R & I Mackellar
3rd -   A W & C M Barrow

Long Term Cutting Ley : 
1st -   J R & I Mackellar
2nd -  Stubbs & Partners Ltd
3rd -   R P & N H Birchall

 Winner of the Ed Weetman Trophy for best entry in the competiton - JR & I Mackellar

Milling Wheat:    
1st -   A Robinson
2nd -   A G Parrott Farming
3rd -   R W Leedham & Son
4th -     R Cliffe

Feed Wheat: 
1st -   H M Tomlinson & Sons
2nd -  G & Y Sadler
3rd -   J S Madders & Sons
4th -    F Rowe & Sons

Winner of best entry in the competition - H M Tomlinson & Sons

1st     R T Boden
2nd    R M, E M, & T R Joules 
3rd     H M Tomlinson & Sons
4th     F W Rowe & Sons

Winner of the J B Sands Perpetual Trophy - R T Boden

Farmhouse Garden:
1st -   Mr & Mrs R Ward
2nd -   Mr & Mrs P Atkin
3rd -    Mr & Mrs M Shelley

Cottage Garden
1st -    Mr & Mrs J Hooley
2nd -   Mr & Mrs P Sands
3rd -    Mrs M Sands

Winner of the MT & DM Shelley Trophy for the Best Garden in the Competition - Mr & Mrs R Ward,


1st -   Tomkinso Farms
2nd -  J Robotham & Son
3rd -   P & V Kenny
4th -   R J Clare & Partners

Winner of the W H David Hobson Challenge Trophy - Tomkinson Farms

Kindly Sponsored by Savilles

Intensive Feeding Cattle:
1st -   M T Shelley
2nd -  P Lowe
3rd -  R M, EM & T J Joules
Grazed Feeding Cattle
1st -    A E & H R Stubbs
2nd -   M T Shelley
3rd -   J M & BM Gray
4th -   G & Y Sadler

Pedigree Suckler Cattle: 
1st -    Walter Smith (Farms) Ltd
2nd -   H & E A Chilton
3rd -    R & L Storer-Smith
4th -    R & K M Bird

Commercial Suckler Cattle:  
1st -     A E & H R Stubbs
2nd -    H E & E A Chilton
3rd -     A G Parrott Farming
4th  -    R J Clare & Partners

Dairy Bred Beef Cattle:
1st -     N R Brandon
2nd -    A E & H R Stubbs
3rd -     G & Y Sadler
4th -     T B Statham

Winner of the George Myatt Trophy for the best herd in the competition - A E & H R Stubbs

Winner of the Joe Ede Trophy - Walter Smith (Farms) Ltd

Kindly Sponsored by The Yorkshire Bank

Small Herds: 
1st -   Stubbs Partners Ltd
2nd -  Bradbury & Brookes
3rd -   R P & N H Birchall
4th -   A & S Froggatt

Large Herds: 
 1st -   R J Clare & Partners
2nd -   P & V Kenny
3rd -    G & Y Sadler

Winner of the FT Brough Trophy for the Best Herd in the Competition - R J Clare & Partners

Best Progeny:  
1st -   R J Clare & Partners
2nd -  G & Y Sadler
3rd -   Bradbury & Brookes
4th -   Stubbs Partners Ltd, May Farm, Whitgreave, Stafford

Winner of the S Monkton Perpetual Challenge Cup - R J Clare & Partners


1st -   H M Tomlinson & Sons
2nd -  A Robinson
3rd -   (Joint) W J Holdcroft & G & Y Sadler 

Winner of the Matthew Harrison Memorial Cup for Best Entry in the Competition - H M Tomlinson & Son

Kindly Sponsored by NatWest Banl

Grass Seeds:
1st -   G & Y Sadler
2nd -   J R & I Mackellar
3rd -   N R Brandon
1st -   J F & B M Gray
2nd -   A G Parrott Farming
1st -   J R & I Mackellar
2nd -  A Robinson
3rd -   P & L Sands
4th -   C & C Farming
 Fodder Crop:
1st -   J Parry
2nd -   Atkin Farms

Winner of the GV Prestwood Championship Challenge Cup for the Best Crop in the Competition - J R & I Mackellar

Kindly Sponsored by Barclays Bank

Smaller Farms: 
1st -   P Lowe        
2nd -  R P & N H Birchall
3rd -   D & C J Redfern

Larger Farms:  
1st -   G & Y Sadler 
2nd -   J S Madders & Sons

Previous Prize Winners
1st -   A Robinson
2nd -   B J Dale & Company

Winner of the David Parton Perpetual Challenge Cup - P Lowe
Winner of the Express & Star Challenge Cup - A Robinson
Winner of the J S Madders & Sons Salver - G & Y Sadler
Winner of the Philip Solari Esquire Challenge Cup - P Lowe